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Immunity Boost through Increased Sleep, Reduced Anxiety and Improved Relationships

A Healthy Planet Means Everyone

Better Night Sleep

Lower Anxiety & Better Mood

Increased Immunity

Pain Management

Increased Energy & Focus

Decrease Inflammation

Libido & Sexual Health

Global Opportunity Health and Wellness to include Emerging Market Development

Dosage & Cannabis Research

Cultivars & Seed Production


Cannabis Cultivation

Extraction & Processing

Private Label

Emerging Markets

Global Equality and Promoting Social and Environmental Health and Wellness
ajillion 8 of 17 measurable SDG’s Impact investment for sustainable PROFITABLE ENTERPRISE!!

The combination of both the ESGs “Environmental Social Governance” and an SDG alignment enables clearer and measurable metrics to better monitor and evaluate an investor’s strategy and customer value proposition. ESG following the UN Principle of Responsible Investing (PRI). ESG investment practices established 2005 UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. The world’s largest institutional investors across 12 countries, came together to develop the PRIs. Today the UNPRIs provide companies with an opportunity to publicly demonstrate its commitment to responsible investment and customer risk mitigations.