Our Team

International Management team encompassing Business, Cannabis Medical Innovation, Online Marketing, Cultivation, Processing, Social Impact Governance and IT development.

Our team is growing with new partnerships:

  • Focused Health and Wellness Brands
  • Health and Science Focus
  • Global Business Experience
  • Best Practices
  • Building a Network Affiliate Marketing Program
  • Initial Focus America’s expansion to other global markets
  • 2021 – 2022 Addition of Cultivation and Processing


Gordon Travis, Calgary

CPA, CMA – Chief Financial Officer

30+ years of experience in consulting, executive and director positions in operational and financial areas in many industries including up and downstream oil and gas, power, health protocols and claims management, banking and payments solutions, farming. Projects in Mexico, the US and Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Ian McNeill, Toronto and Africa

Chief Executive Officer

Business development and financial solutions for 25 plus years. He has led innovative transaction and payment projects and operations with RBC Royal bank, Great West Life Insurance and currently with Desjardins, Credit Mutuel , and IFC World bank.  With extensive international experience, with SaaS and PaaS.

Dr. François Hallé, BSc, M.D./MSc,MBA 

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Francois Halle is a bilingual medical doctor who has specialized in cannabinoid therapy and its applications. Co-founder of CCCG and sits as the Senior Clinical and Cannabinoid adviser, appointed to the interim Chief Medical Officer position at Nuphria from 2017 till 2018 and he is the current Medical Program Director at Purplefarm Genetics. External adviser position on the Canadian Task Force for Marijuana Legalization. Dr Hallé has been the appointed Vice- President of Medical and Scientific Affairs at National Access Cannabis and occupied this position from May 2017 to October 2017 and previously held the Medical Scientific Liaison at Marijuana For Trauma from December 2015 till April 2017 and the VP of Clinical affairs at Canada House Wellness Group from December 2016 until April 2017.

Dr. Hallé is one of the leading subject matter experts on cannabis in Canada and has given over 400 conferences in his career on many subjects including preventative medicine and cannabinoid therapy from 2008 to 2013.

Kodjo Adovor Accra, Ghana

Access to Finance Fund ingeni

17 years of experience across investment banking and management consulting. Prior VP  of Commodities and Credit Derivatives Product Valuation a Merrill Lynch. Kevi Capital investment fund focused on education and healthcare infrastructure and investments in Africa. MBA Yale School of Management Finance, Strategy, and Asset Management.


Stephen Raisner

VP Market and Product Development USA, Canada, International.

Extensive background in Cannabis/Hemp and specialty crop best practices from cultivar to shelf from research, operations and processing perspectives. Operational understanding of plants science from seed through processing and support of the Purity mission. From seed though specialty oils and consumer applications Steve through his Potent Ponics podcasts has hosted over 1.000 niche and vertical and industry experts and is teacher, writer, facilitator and speaker on best practices.


USA International soils and cultivation specialists

Master Growers with eextensive background in multiple crops including Cannabis/Hemp . Specialized soils pest and balancing expertise in multiple products and markets globally.

David Wood

PhD LLB Calgary Canada

Advisory proprietary practices for patents and black box strategies with an extensive understanding of compliance and best practices globally. Education in structural biochemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, plant biochemistry, and natural products chemistry provides a strong technical background for advising ingeni in the regulated industries in relation to both IP and regulatory law.


Bio Chemist and process operations lead USA MSc Phd

Advisory proprietary extraction and processing practices and specialized products using different cultivars in both THC , CBD and other products over 14 years. Involved in design build and operation of small through large scale processing operation for access to European, Canadian and American markets.